Sunday, September 16, 2007

Milo biscuits

I don't know how I came across these biscuits, on a baking blog from Singapore called Happy Home Baking, but I'm glad I found them. Using a mysterious product called 'Koko Krunch' on this site the biscuits are delightfully decorated as little dogs. We've experimented with the recipe a few times using Milo instead of Horlicks, and we do nothing fancier than place a piece of chopped up chocolate in the middle; some with milk chocolate, some with dark. I've modified the recipe to include a little sugar, otherwise I think they'd need a lot more chocolate.

They are an excellent biscuit to make with a child as the dough is nice to handle and one could go to town decorating them. Bizarrely I've discovered that Hannah much prefers them with dark chocolate - is this common amongst four year olds?

180g softened butter
80g Milo
80g castor sugar
200g flour
25g corn flour
25g milk powder
a couple of squares of nut-free chocolate, chopped into small pieces

Pre-heat the oven to 140 degrees C.

Cream butter with Milo and sugar, then mix in flour, cornflour and milk powder. Divide the dough up into 48 pieces. Roll and slightly flatten each ball of dough, then place a piece of chocolate in the middle.

Place onto a lined baking tray and bake for about 25 minutes.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

egg-free french toast

This is an egg-free breakfast treat from a vegan source, and is heartily enjoyed by myself and Hannah, though disdained by Hannah's dad who is a French toast purist. I've made it with a couple of different brands of silken tofu, and I should warn that they vary in consistency. An Asian brand from the supermarket made a much thinner batter than an organic brand I found yesterday, so treat the milk quantities as a guide only. The recipe as I received it contained a tsp of vanilla which I've omitted as I don't fancy it and includes the cinnamon in the tofu mix, suggesting maple syrup as a condiment. I was taught to serve french toast with cinnamon sugar, separately, and of course now I'm not allowed to do anything else.

Tofu French Toast

75g silken or soft tofu
2-4 tbs milk
3 slices of stale bread
4 tbs castor sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Blend the tofu and milk in a bowl with a Bamix or liquifie in a food processor. It should be the consistency of two beaten eggs so vary milk as needed. Dip pieces of bread into the mixture and fry in a little melted butter until browned on each side.

Mix sugar with cinnamon and sprinkle on liberally.