Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Penguin Cake revisited

I didn't expect the penguin cake I made for Hannah's last birthday would be a major source of traffic to this site. But then I didn't expect my daughter's favourite toy would be penguins (now seven in number, including Ruby the wicked emperor penguin who constantly instructs Hannah on naughty stuff to do).

In response to a recent comment here is an approximation of how I put the cake together. The large cake was in a made in an 8 inch round tin, the smaller in a 4 inch. They were then trimmed approximately as illustrated (I suspect I rounded the corners of the body a little more once these cuts were made) :

The offcuts from the big cake were trimmed into approximate feet shapes. Then the cake pieces were covered entirely with appropriately coloured fondant icing. I then trimmed away the icing from the parts of the feet and the head that were going to touch the body so that they could sit snugly in place. I may have glued them in place with jam, I vaguely recall jam being very useful.

The body and head were covered in a chocolate fondant (pre-made) and I mixed up a little food colouring with some fondant to get the feet and beak colour. The white front is a separate piece that sits on top of the body, as do the flippers and the eyes. I recall wanting to inset the white piece into the chocolate body, but at that point it was 12.30 at night and I decided simplicity was OK. The nice thing about sitting one layer on top of another is you can fiddle a little to get it in the right spot. I may have given it a gentle roll with a rolling pin to help the layers hold together once it was all in place.