Thursday, July 13, 2006

12 month allergy review

Yesterday was a day that I'd been both looking forward to and dreading. The annual visit to the Children's Hospital to see what is happening with Hannah's allergies. The results look cautiously optomistic. The egg and nut allergies are still there, but don't appear to getting worse, and there is a possibility now that she will grow out of them.

The way they are checked is through a pick test; the nurse marks up the back with texta, dabbs suspected allergens on the grid and then pricks each dot of liquid with a scapel blade. Hannah was superbly brave during this process. We had peanut, egg, sesame seeds, house dust mite and rye grass tested plus a control and histamine. After a wait of 10 minutes the size of each reaction is measured, and the measurement is converted into a score.

The results show Hannah is allergic to eggs and peanut still but a little less than last year, which is positive. The specialist pointed out that the yearly measurements plateauing like this suggests that she will grow out of these allergies. I asked about foods with 'traces of nuts' and was told they are ok, though we were advised to continue to carry the epipen. The sesame seed gave a small score, not enough to be concerned about, though we wont be eating a lot of tahini in the future. And no result for rye grass.

The bad news is that house dust mite measure has more than doubled, making asthma more likely in the future. I've come home with a brochure with lots of housekeeping advice for Hannah's bedroom.


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