Friday, May 26, 2006

time for a new kitchen

No food today, I've decided to record my current crappy kitchen to celebrate finally getting the installation date for the new one. When we moved into this house nearly five years ago I vowed the kitchen would go before anything else got done. But more important matters such as the leaky roof and dodgy shower jumped the queue. The kitchen is functional, I have lived with worse (I had my share of student houses) but boy I'm ready to put an axe to it. I guess its worst feature is the benchtop, built at granny height - 83cm. I'm tallish, so I have to take my shoes off to do the dishes (or I'll have back ache for the rest of the evening).

The oven, in the picture above does function, once on however one can't turn the temperature down, or it will turn itself off and not function until its cooled down. And the door is a little prone to falling out, I find a child's highchair (without child) useful for holding it open when extracting something hot. The grill also functions, the rack sits on an upturned cake tin as the metal bits that hold the rack along the side have disintegrated.

Three out of four burners on the stove function, but but the spacing is poorly designed so as to only allow the use of small saucepans if one is planning a lot of cooking. You might notice the gap under the cupboards over the stove - that is part of the fan extraction system - which is powered by a weak fan in the ceiling. I've spared the viewer a picture of the stove itself. When I realised I'd be living with it for a while, I decided to clean it. I purchased appropriate evil chemicals and soaked the stove bits for a week, however the brown gunge remained. I just try not to notice it now.

The next image is the rest of the kitchen. Beautiful window (yes sadly today's view is washing, but there are many improbably small pairs of undies which I find unaccountably funny). I'd never had a double sink before and have become so fond of it that the new kitchen will have a double sink under the same window. The image fails to show that the hot tap is so close the wall that one grazes one's fingers on the tiles if not careful; and classiest bit of patching I've ever seen - the benchtop is covered in contact, wood-grain patterned contact.

The final image is to record the careful colour palette chosen for the kitchen. Beigeish vinyl flooring, flesh kickboard, and contrasting veneers. The drawers please note are to be opened from underneath. They still remain childproof which is quite a feat, but that underneath bit is, um, sort of a bit yucky. Rufus the cat poses to show where we put the cat crunchies when we first moved in, not thinking of how easy it would be for him to self serve. They haven't been there now for a long time, but he's never lost hope.

The new kitchen should start arriving on the 19th June.


Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Oh goodie a new kitchen. Really it doesn't have to be painful. You won't regret it. Even with the compromises I had to make, it is still 100x better - and yours will be too!

4:01 pm  
Blogger said...

Best of luck with getting your new kitchen sorted out - no easy task, but just think how happy you'll be when it's all done (and continue to think that when you're stuck in the middle of all the debris!). But, I promise you, it is truly worth it. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

10:09 pm  
Blogger plum said...

Ooh, I always thought we'd renovate our kitchen soon and yup, we moved out of the house without doing anything other than painting it! How exciting!

10:38 pm  

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