Tuesday, April 11, 2006

chocolate sampling

I admit I don't think an almost 3 year old girl is going to care much about the quality of her chocolate. However so far her diet has been chocolate-free (it is a hassle finding nut-free chocolate and what you don't know you don't miss), but as the bunny is visiting this week-end I was curious as to the quality of the nut-free chocolate out there. Now I should say at the outset, that while I like a nice bit of dark chocolate, I'm not a raving chocolate connoisseur, so please accept that my judgements are from an uneducated palate and pretty subjective. Thanks to the spouse for helping here, I think he has good judgement with the sweet stuff.

First up Sweet William Original Diary-Free Chocolate (Australian-made). These can be purchased in bunny shapes, however I sampled the basic 50g bar which I purchased in Safeway (in the health-food section). We like these the least of all chocolate sampled; it was a bit grainy, tasted a bit like carob (it wasn't and I'm not fond of carob, so I see it as a fault), was quite thin and had a disappointing aftertaste. In addition the label says may contain traces of almonds so these are not for us.

I found Alpha dark chocolate eggs in David Jones, these are made in down-town Balaclava. They were the most expensive chocolates I purchased ($7.95 for 100g). For a diary-free chocolate these were pretty good, still a little of that odd caroby aftertaste but much better body and texture. Not sure if the small girl will like dark chocolate - I kind of hope not so I can eat these ones. Was amused by the label which claims 'Servings per package - 5' , there are 7 medium-sized hollow eggs in the bag.

After hunting fruitlessly in a few Safeways which were supposed to stock Kinnerton's milk chocolate easter eggs, I found a bag in Kmart. These were just under $4 for a 160g bag of small solid eggs. The texture was a little grainy, ok but overall Cadbury milk chocolate tastes better. These are made in the UK.

A finally Willow Mild Chocolate. We sampled a 20g bar of this (60c). These are made in Mordialloc and are much nicer than the Kinnerton's. No disconcerting aftertaste and not at all grainy. As Hannah would say (and hopefully will on Sunday) - Yummo!


Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

For dairy free I go for alpha everytime. The kids I give them too can't taste the difference between these and other easter eggs.

For adults, you can't go past their chocolate covered plums and apricots. Often sold in single portions. Perfect chocolate hit with a healthy twist.

PS: have a great time in Wellington!

11:45 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

How was Wellywood? Have finally updated my links and added you guys to it.

9:20 am  
Blogger WordStorm 101 said...

Hi there,

I know this blog was from a while ago, but I'm currently working with Sweet William and they have a new product called Not Nuts that I thought you'd be interested in.

It's a new chocolate bar that contains no nuts, eggs, artificial colours, preservatives, lactose, gluten and all other animal products. In essence the "nut-free nut bar" - so it uses roasted soy beans instead of real nuts.

I'm not sure if you've tried it yet, but it's really yummy so I thought you may be interested in trialling it for the little one.

I'd be happy to send you some samples. Let me know if you're interested


12:15 pm  

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