Sunday, April 09, 2006

chocolate bunnies...

Too busy to blog lately, in a week I go to New Zealand for a conference, so I've been madly trying to finish the paper and talk (and get to know powerpoint and so on and so on). My dearest girl will be staying behind in Melbourne, and I must say I'm quietly freaking out at the thought of not seeing her for nearly six days. Yay for the telephone and internet.

I thought I had to mention these bunnies though. There is a company called Allergy Block, existing both online and as a shopfront at 220 Elgin Street, Carlton. The bunnies are nut and egg free, and the chocolate, made by a local company called Willow, is not too bad at all.

I've found two other companies that produce nut-free chocolate. Kinneton is an English company that retails products locally in K-Mart, Big-W, Target, Myers and so forth. Most of their chocolates are licenced character based (not something that I'm big on), but they do have plain small solid eggs which I think the bunny needs to both track down and try out - I'll update this when I've done this. Sweet William is based in Sydney, and as well as being peanut-free the chocolate is dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian safe, halal etc. It may contain traces of other nuts so is not really a contender for us.


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it would be nice of you to update a list like that

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