Monday, January 02, 2006

Morello Cherry Icecream

Just so I don't forget next year.... morello cherry icecream is a really good use of my precious morello cherry crop. Morello cherries are known as a sour cherry, and although these aren't too sour to eat raw, they do make one pucker up a little. They are gorgeous cooked, and almost impossible to find fresh in Melbourne.

We've a small tree in a pot, waiting to go in the garden, while we work out how much of a renovation we can afford on our dear old house. I dare not plant it yet for fear of it being damaged. I've had the tree for three years in a huge pot and every year it puts out a ridiculous amount of fruit given its size. We lose most of the cherries to birds (despite netting the tree). I had about three quarters of a cup of cherries left, and decided that icecream was the best way of celebrating them.

The following ingredients are approximate and there is no photo, the small amount I made got consumed so quickly. Imagine the the strawberry bit of neopolitan icecream, then adjust a shade or two darker. When I next make this ice cream I'll try substituting a little milk for the some of the cream as it was very rich. We ate it with some homemade chocolate sauce, a fine way to start the new year. This quantity was enough for two serves. Hopefully next year there will be enough cherries to double it.

3/4 cup morello cherries
150ml double cream
40g sugar

Stone the cherries. Cook with stone in a small amount of water until soft. Remove stone and chill.

Puree cherries, add cream and sugar and beat until mixed. Pour into icecream maker. This quantity was ready in about 7 minutes.


Blogger plum said...

That sounds great! I've been "making" cherry ice cream by mixing in pieces of cherry into vanilla icecream but yours sounds much nicer. And only 7 minutes? I really have to find where my ice cream maker is.

1:29 pm  
Blogger din said...

Go for it Plum, keep the cooling disk in the freezer all the time and then you can make it on a whim! The time it takes to turn into icecream relates to the quantity in the bowl. I think if the machine is filled to capacity (about 700 to 800ml) then it takes about 20 minutes to turn into icecream.

9:57 pm  
Blogger neil said...

My sister-in-law has a sour cherry tree, and had the same bird problem despite netting. We buy our sour cherries in Red Hill, there are a couple of farms that sell them. We bottle some for cakes and turn the rest into cherry liquer, yum.

12:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you buy your cherry tree? My daughter has just asked for one for her birthday, and google has steered me to the UK.Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Sally

12:00 pm  
Blogger din said...

Hi Helen, I think I got mine from either Poynton's nursery in Essendon, or Ceres in East Brunswick. It is grown by Flemings (a nursery wholesaler) so I suspect you could probably just ask at your local nursery for them to order one in for you. Hah, just noticed the Flemings site has a store finder:

Good luck!


9:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you din-sally

8:22 am  

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