Monday, October 24, 2005

tagged for 23/5 meme

I feel I exist in a new and strange way - I've been tagged! Caroline at Bibliocook has tagged this site for the 23/5 meme: find your 23rd post and ponder on the meaning of the 5th line. Hmmm, a bit tricky this as although I've been posting since July, I'm not the world's most regular writer and only total 13 posts so far. What if I switch the numbers around and comment on the 23rd line of my 5th post - would that be fair?

This would make it the Birthday Cake post, "I used an icing bag with a plastic nozzle, which meant when the icing started getting a little firm I could pop it in the microwave for a few moments." I was actually rapt to discover this. I was accustomed to icing with royal icing, which sets as it dries so one can squeeze it out of the piping bag as slowly as needed. The icing used here sets as it cools so I could see I was in for trouble. As I noticed the plastic nozzles in my collection of icing equipment I realised I could use the microwave. And yay, it worked!


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