Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marmalade Biscuits

We like marmalade in this house, Hannah and I, and have done for a since Hannah has been old enough to pinch my eat toast. A good tart Seville orange Marmalade please. (I recommend the recipe in Stephanie Alexanders 'The Cooks Companion' - though oddly it is not in the new edition). Recently we've started reading the Paddington Bear books and are learning about Paddington's obsession with marmalade - particularly marmalade sandwiches. Can't say that I like the idea of marmalade on untoasted bread, but we've just found out that marmalade does work in biscuits.

I've known for awhile of a beaut website by baker and writer Dan Lepard, where as well as forums open to questions and comments on the cookbooks he has written, he also republishes recipes that he has written for The Guardian newspaper. Of course many of the recipes aren't suitable for us, but a few are just perfect. These Marmalade Buttons are an example. They are essentially based on a shortbread mix (with 50/50 flour and ground rice), with the addition of mixed peel, marmalade and a delicious crusty edge coated with sugar. Lepard's recipe specifies demerara sugar, not having any I used brown sugar which made the most delicious crust. I biscuit I'd heartily recommend.


Blogger h&b said...

they look *beautiful* .. I think I will have to try them ...

12:39 pm  
Blogger Samantha said...

I am so glad you made this blog!! I just found out my son is allergic to eggs and nuts and I am at a loss how to cook for an all ready picky eater. Hope you don't mind me making a link from my blog to yours. I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor. Great blog!!

3:50 am  
Blogger Chef JP said...

I enjoyed this recipe a great deal. Thanks!

9:37 pm  

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