Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hannah is now four

This year Hannah's birthday cake was much simpler, and gave no less pleasure. She's been long taken with making and drawing things with the 'rainbow' colours, and the few real rainbows that we've seen have been very exciting. So a chocolate cake, (recipe doubled) baked in a roasting dish before being carved, was the substrate, butter cream the icing and jelly beans the decoration. It accompanied tiny cup-cakes with rainbow 100's and 1000's, star biscuits and fairy bread.

For me there was a bit of a cloud over the proceedings as earlier in the week we had our annual allergy review. Counter to last years results, all the tests showed an increased response the allergens. My earlier optimism looks a little misplaced. For the first time we had all the tree nuts tested as well and it was bizarre seeing how some were as dangerous as peanut (cashew and pistachio) and others nuts produced no reaction (walnut, pine nut and macadamia). Sadly my favourite nut, the almond turns out to be one that does cause a response. The specialist suggested we continue as before - avoiding all nuts, particularly when going out as it can as otherwise it will be confusing, and we want to minimise risk. However if I wish I can introduce pine nuts, as long as I do it very cautiously (starting by touching the inside of her lip with a piece of pine nut). We asked about if or when they might be able to challenge Hannah with egg or nuts, to be told that with results lower than hers challenging can still lead to anaphylaxis, that we'd just need to wait and see.

On the positive side Hannah told me after we'd been to the local library recently, that a lady there had offered her a biscuit and Hannah had refused it saying she had allergies. Yes, I feel I was negligent not watching her every minute of our visit, (I was hunting for a book for her, so had my back to her). But she appears to now have a good enough grasp of her situation that she can act appropriately. And for that I'm grateful, and very proud of her.


Anonymous Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I LOVE THAT CAKE! I'm with Hannah on the rainbows. I started loving rainbows when I was little, and my third birthday present from my aunt was a homemade pillow in the shape and colors of a rainbow. It became my blankie of sorts. Sitting beside me on the couch is my summery, rainbow-striped purse--and I'm 26 now. I just love color.

I just found a doctor in Chattanooga, TN, who treats food allergies in adults and children with immunotherapy drops under the tongue. I'm going up for my first visit soon. I hear their success rate with children is great.

2:28 am  
Anonymous Erin said...

My daughter is also allergic to eggs and nuts. I've tried several of your recipes and she has loved them all, especially the Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes.

I love this cake, my daughter's birthday is in another month so this would be perfect for her.

Question, what is fairy bread? I've seen you mention it in several posts.

6:01 am  
Blogger din said...

Hi Sally - thanks for that - I've just peeked at your blog - boy you've a lot to deal with. You have my best wishes. Will watch with keen interest on how you go with this allergy treatment.

Hi Erin - I can't telling you how happy I am that this is of use to someone. And you know I never realised until you asked that fairy bread is an Australian thing. It is bread (specifically soft, white, supermarket-type bread) and butter sprinkled with what I know as 100's and 1000's, but I believe may also be called sprinkles, nonpareils or jimmies. I prefer the elongated variety, my partner thinks the round ones are better. I think Hannah can see her interests are in sitting on the fence.

9:14 pm  

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