Sunday, July 17, 2005

a toddler foodie blog?

I'm the mum of a 2 year old little girl. After bad eczema outbreaks in the first months of her life, we discovered she was allergic to eggs and peanuts. At this stage she hadn't encountered any solids, she was reacting to the egg and nut proteins in my breast milk. Further tests indicated she should avoid all nuts and sesame seeds. So began the big change in our diet. And then of course our small girl is a very picky eater. Its only been two months since she has agreed potato is indeed ok.

I decided to write a toddler food blog as it's something I would like to have read when we made these discoveries. If it serves as inspiration to just one other mum I'll be happy. All of the food suggested here is of course not just for the small person in ones life, but intended to be shared with the big folk.


Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Hannah's Mum! I just found your blog through reading your comment on Niki's blog Esurientes. It looks really interesting. Even though I don't have any kids or allergies :) Good luck with the blog and the cooking!

9:48 am  
Anonymous Min said...

Hi Hannah's Mum,
I found your blog while googling for solids information for young children with allergies. I have a one-year-old who, though tests all came back negative, the doctor suspects having a milk protein allergy.
I enjoy reading your blog and will certainly come back for more inspiration every now and then.


7:34 am  

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